Taller de risoterapia gratuito realizado el miércoles 14/12/16 para familias del AMPA e impartido por Susana, mamá del Centro y payasa profesional.

Durante el taller se realizaron distintas dinámicas y juegos que permitieron crear un ambiente alegre y distendido. Asimismo Susana nos explicó los beneficios de la risa y pudimos experimentarlos gracias a su gran labor y a la implicación de los participantes.




Acabamos la sesión con técnicas de relajación. ¡¡Una tarde divertida y muy recomendable para todos!!

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II Concurso de Coros Las Lomas

Ya puedes ver todas las fotos que hicimos el día 21 de diciembre en el segundo concurso de coros del IES Las Lomas, ¡Lo pasamos genial tanto profesores como alumnos!

Ver álbum a pantalla completa




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Martin Hutchinson visits Las Lomas and explains his cycling adventure around the world

Martin Hutchinson has walked over 34,000 kilometres in a nine-year adventure that will take him around Europe, to India and finally Australia.

He visited our High School to expain us that ‘everyone can do their bit’ in order to clean-up our planet.

Thanks, Martin it was a pleasure listen to your speech!


Dear Martin,

I found your enthusiasm and sacrifice for the environment very inspiring so I started thinking about ways to reduce the rate in which we destroy the environment. The first thing that popped into my head was the contamination coming from cars. The easiest solution to this is electric or at least hybrid so not much gasoline is used and it’s less harmful to the environment. One thing that I personally can do is start recycling and throwing things in the bin.

Thank you very much for coming to our school.

-Ferran Romero

Hello Martin,

We are students of IES Las Lomas in Alicante, Spain. You were here giving us a talk about the environment. I would like to tell you what my ideas to take care of the environment are:


1. Take care of the beach, mountain and anywhere you go.
2. Do not throw chemicals into the water and do not throw plastic objects, so as not to harm marine creatures.
3. Recycle the trash at home.
4. Save water and electricity.
Thank you so much for the talk, I learned how important the environment is for our lives.

 Dear Martin,

My name is Joaquin. I’m 16 years old and I live in Alicante. I was born in Spain and I study in IES Las Lomas highschool. To help the enviroment, I thought about collecting rubbish and cleaning the streets of Alicante. In adittion, we can save water when we have a shower and we can recycle the rubbish too. The class you gave us made me think because you’re right and everything you said it’s true. Everybody has to colaborate to improve the world.

A greeting from Alicante, Joaquin.

Dear Martin,
I thought about what you told us the day that you came to IES Las Lomas and I think that this is a real problem. We have to act fast if we want to keep our planet alive.
I didn’t know about this situation before because nobody had told me anything about it, but now I am aware and I decided to do something to change this. I decided to recycle everyday and never throw rubbish outdoors. Before that day I didn’t use to recycle, however when we make a trip to the mountain we always carry a little bag to put the rubbish there and don’t throw it outdoors.
I still remember the videos that you showed us and It’s terrible, we are killing our own planet. I also decided to talk to my big brothers and I told them that they have to use public transport and not the car.
 If all the children recieve the same information that you bring us I am completly sure that they will do something to change it , so it’s so important to talk to them and communicate about this terrible situation.
Global warming is a real complicated problem and we are suffering the effects in cases like climatic change. I thought that plants are a solution to this problem so I have planted some palm seeds that they gave us in high school, and it is growing.
Finally, I would say that you really helped me because I didn’t know the truth, but now I know it and I am going to change.
 Thank you so much for your visit.
Good luck with the rest of your trip.
Best wishes,










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